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Ari Belathar’s poetry has been published in literary journals and anthologies around the world. In 2009 Radish Press published The Cities I Left Behind, a chapbook. Belathar is currently working on her first full-length collection  titled The Book of Departures.

Mexico City

I loved you
as we love the things that did not happen
as we love the hours we spent
naming each caress
each scar
as we love the epidemic sadness
of this night

I look for you in the trains
that pass by
cutting the earth in half
I chase the rain
through empty streets
where you have never been
and still
I know
you wait for me

Uncollected Poems 2012
© Ari Belathar All Rights Reserved


Poems to Read in the Rain


I hear the world falling
collapsing into my hands

the wind lashes again
door by door
and the somber city
carries lead and grief
like rivers

How much will it still grow
this watered night?

only a verse saves me
from falling


Nostalgia will come
any of these evenings
and we will close the door slowly
to cry in the dark

nostalgia will come one of these days
(breaking down the walls of this story)
an evening of mist
and wind


I am going to stay here
under this faithful sky that bursts

nothing comes with the dawn
not even your laughter

I am going to stay here
until birds bloom from my breast


Under slow and persistent rain
I am rambling on the edges
of my own abyss

autumn is here
and there is no sea that stops it

October is falling drop by drop
water water water that grows
like solitude
flooding the Earth


Protect me from this sun
it blinds me

give me your darkness
your distant light
take me to the sea to the sea to the sea

let its song flood me
let all its water
pour over me


If I never go back
who is going to live my life
who is going to dream distances
and play with the wind
who is going to write poems
who will put the house to sleep
and provide drinking fountains for summer


Tell the wind
not to take you
not to leave me alone
not to force me to remove
from the loose flooring
the sharpened knife
and stab myself

Tell the wind
that I do not want to wander
like a river
and in the end lose myself
in salt water


What am I going to say
to the summer?

It will play with my hair
it will grow in the fig trees
it will be wind wind
heavy rain without pause

What am I going to say
to the summer?

It will ask for you


I am becoming sadder every day
the weight of the dead and the absence is heavier
I sink into quietude

Why do I not have the soul of a bird?

I will come back another day
sun particle

more miserable perhaps
but not sad

more devoted to you

I will come back
I know
even if you are no longer here
even if I get lost

Canadian Woman Studies Vol.27/NO.1. York University 2009
 © Ari Belathar All Rights Reserved



Better to write it now
so tomorrow not to go
in search of rhymes
or terra firma
or green olives
for your trees
or tame spiders
for my shame
or ponds
or clouds
to let myself be rain
and pour drop by drop
on your side


                                 Strong Words Year Two. Toronto 2007
© Ari Belathar All Rights Reserved